Dear Parents,

Easter is rapidly approaching!

Over the holidays we would like you to assist your children in making an Easter bonnet, you can purchase cheap craft materials from Poundland or Wilkinson’s, or you can simply use colouring pens and crayons.  We have provided you with some card you could use.  Please bring them in to Nursery on Wednesday 26th April. (First day back).  Please remember it needs to be the child’s work.

On Friday 28th April we will be holding an Easter Egg Hunt and an Easter Bonnet Parade which you are all welcome to join us for 10am or 2pm. 

Have a fabulous time off!

Those going to school in September, remember to head to Queensgate on 18th or 19th April between 9 and 5 to see the START programme, there will be lots of activities for your children and a FREE book!!  You will find out your school places on Tuesday 18th April, please remember to email me this information to so we can start transition process.  Good luck! 






Katie Keeley